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Discover the Joy of Inhabiting Your Female Body and Become The Woman You Were Meant To Be!

Cultivate a New Relationship with Your Body
Access Your Feminine Power • Awaken Your Sensuality
Heal Pelvic Dysfunction • Ignite Your Sex Life
Connect With Your Innate Wisdom

Unleash Your Inner Goddess In Less Than 90 days

Your journey to wholeness starts by fiercely showing up for yourself, every single day, no excuses.

Michele Forsberg PT, MS 

What often begins as a painful personal journey, places us directly on a path of purpose in service to others

And that’s exactly what happened with me. While I wouldn’t wish it on anyone… I experienced debilitating periods throughout my teens and twenties. I was so fatigued and depleted month-in and month-out, I literally cursed my womanhood.

Fast-forward… In the shadow of previous pain, I entered my first and only pregnancy in a state of fear. My daughter was born via emergency C-section, which ultimately led to scar tissue and unbearable pain with intimacy. And the impact wasn’t just physical. It deeply affected my relationship with my husband and how I felt about myself. No longer feeling desirable, I avoided intimacy.

Instead of addressing the emotional and physical pain, I ignored both and hid within my new role as a mom. I didn’t realize how depressed I was and the longer it continued, the harder it was to seek help. As a professional who knows about the body, I was ashamed that I couldn’t help myself get out of this situation.

What we go through as women, both physically and emotionally, can leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies, our sexuality, our femininity and ultimately, our truest, deepest selves.

Think about it: Even before our first menstrual periods, many of us already believe that our bodies are shameful, that we shouldn’t express our true feelings and desires, and certainly not freely explore our budding sensuality and sexuality.

We’ve been erroneously taught to expect that our menstrual cycles and our first sexual encounters are supposed to be painful, which leaves us holding our breath, braced for more pain. Throughout a woman’s lifespan—from childhood to menopause, and beyond—our female bodies often become casualties of childbirth, birth trauma, sexual trauma, surgeries including C-sections, hysterectomies and mastectomies, or diseases that compromise our ability to feel strong, capable and engaged with the world around us. It then makes sense that…

So many of us start to feel like our bodies have let us down.

Essentially we give up, we go through our lives on the treadmill, ignoring the little problems, dealing with the aches, the pain, the bladder leaks. After all, we weren’t taught to take care of those things, right? And in those few quiet moments when we’re alone and think about change, it seems daunting… especially because most days all we have the energy for is maintaining the status quo. Focused on taking care of everyone else, enduring becomes the thread woven throughout the daily grind.

And forget about sensuality and sexuality. That’s for other women. 

We have long-forgotten how pleasure and desire feel. And we cannot imagine what it is to actually feel desired.

Does any of this sound familiar? And in the end, what are we left with? Small, dim and depleted, we hide in the shadows of roles based on societal expectation as a last act of self-preservation, yet if you’re willing to look more closely…

The cost to yourself and those around you, is HIGH… too high to let this continue another second. I eventually got help. And now it’s YOUR turn.

After studying with respected mentors in the world of pelvic wellness, I focused my physical therapy practice towards helping women with the very same issues I experienced; pelvic pain and the emotional pain related to it.

My work informed me more deeply about the healing process, and what women really need to reclaim their bodies in a meaningful way that lasts. Following the inspiration of my own innate wisdom… 

I meticulously designed a next-level, comprehensive approach that gives women the tools to become the stewards, catalysts and champions of their own health and well-being.

And thus, The FeminEnergy® Program was born.

If you crave a deeper connection with your body and with yourself, The FeminEnergy® Program is the answer.

It defines a new paradigm of self-care for women through the exploration of movement and healing practices. It is the place to learn how to reclaim your body, thrive at any age, and fully celebrate being a woman.

If you’re ready to stand in your power and show up for yourself as never before, you are warmly welcomed here.

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Ignite the future you

Ever notice how when a woman exudes energy and confidence, she displays a certain magnetism? She isn’t trying to be magnetic. She doesn’t have to. She glows, she radiates pure light, her energy is infectious! This woman instantly raises the vibration for everyone around her.

We’ve all known them. And until now, maybe you couldn’t imagine being one of them yourself. Yet, it’s no accident this invitation reached you because…

Some part of you is already naturally magnetic and ready to Fall In Love With Being a Woman… And I Will Show You How in Less Than 90 days

Slow down in this moment, and just imagine how it would feel to…

Awaken every morning, feeling energized, strong, pain-free and able to enjoy the activities you love?
Look in the mirror and see a beautiful, confident, sexy woman staring back at you… a woman who loves her body and loves the way it feels when she’s continually connected to its guiding wisdom?
Become a woman with magnetic presence? To actually be THAT woman you’ve admired in others but not in yourself… until now?

Pretty freakin’ awesome, right? This is YOUR TIME to know what it is to…

Cherish Your Beautiful Body & Embrace Your Feminine Energy

I’m convinced that if more women felt this way, our world would be a much happier place. Let it begin with us.

Right here, right now…

If you resonate with the feeling of being disconnected from your body, your femininity, your sensuality, or your true essence, it’s important to know…

Your body hasn’t let you down and it’s not trying to hurt you, because it is you! You are one being—body, mind, and soul.

Your body holds innate wisdom that’s ready to be brought forward into your full awareness. Most of us weren’t taught how to listen to our bodies. You’ll learn how to lend a compassionate, listening ear to everything your body has to say.


Your body/mind/soul are ready for integration. As you heal your physical body, you heal your heart and mind. This program emphasizes and strengthens the mind-body connection. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when they’re in harmony.


Your supportive, transformational community awaits. More than ever, women need each other. In this program we celebrate our womanhood and elevate each other through education, advocacy, sisterhood, and compassion. You experience opportunities to connect deeply with others as you progress on your personal journey.

I’m Michele Forsberg PT, MS

As a holistic pelvic physical therapist, mom, and founder of FeminEnergy®, I am honored to have facilitated hundreds of women to live pain-free, reclaim their bodies, awaken their sensuality, and access their feminine power and wisdom. Informed by my personal and professional experiences of pelvic wholeness and healing, I will be by your side to guide you through a simple and effective 3-step process, hold space for your transformation, and celebrate your progress.

This is not just a program. It’s a movement.


Join the movement today for


or 3 monthly payments of $500


This program was beneficial and fun in so many ways. Some of my parts just were not functioning, and had not for decades. In this class, I learned how to identify and access those parts. Specifically, I had no idea that my pelvic floor existed or that it is supposed to be part of every breath. This affected my bladder, amongst other organs and issues. And the group was so wonderful!! As we got to know each other in the safe environment Michele created, we discovered that most of us had some problems accessing critical muscle groups. I totally looked forward to our sessions!

Bernice G.

3 Steps


You’ll learn what all women should know about their bodies (but were probably never taught). When you understand how your body functions, that knowledge becomes a part of you which makes physical changes easier. It’s more than just body knowledge. Important topics are covered that every woman needs to know to prioritize self care. Think of it as an owner’s manual for your body!


Movement is medicine. We were designed to move. This program contains a systematic, progressive series of practices designed for the female form. Practicing these movements will strengthen, realign and revitalize your pelvic region and your entire body. You’ll have so much fun doing it, you’ll forget you’re working out. We incorporate somatic movement, stretching, yoga, core strength, dance and much more. This practice helps you inhabit your body and be present on a whole new level.


Connection is what life is all about… connection with the body’s innate wisdom, with your emotions (that might be holding you back from healing) and with sacred sisterhood. It’s essential to make these connections for serious transformation. And it’s pure magic when we come together to support each other on that journey.

What our Member’s are saying

What You Receive as a Member of

The FeminEnergy® Program

Think of it: In 90 days, you will be fully-equipped and anchored in your body as never before.

When you join the program, you gain access to…

Orientation & Preparation Module

Learn how to navigate the platform with ease, create a sacred space in your home and in your life, set yourself up for success, take the physical assessment to assess where you are starting and where you want to go.

Orientation & Preparation Module

Learn how to navigate the platform with ease, create a sacred space in your home and in your life, set yourself up for success, take the physical assessment to assess where you are starting and where you want to go.

10 Training Modules taught by Michele Forsberg PT, MS

Each module covers an important theme designed to take you on a progressively deep dive into freeing your body with physical movement practices while learning important concepts that build upon each other. Each module contains:

  • 1 Educational Video
  • 3 Movement Videos
  • 1 Audio Meditation
  • 1 Journal Prompt
  • 1 Module Check-in, plus
  • Extra graphics and videos to demonstrate concepts

Dedicating 30 minutes daily allows each module to be completed within one week.

Weekly Live Goddess Circle and Q+A Call

These calls are an invaluable part of the journey and what makes it more than just another online program. This is a safe space where you connect with a community of supportive women coming together to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and share their own unique experiences as we walk this transformative path together. In a weekly 60-to-90-minute call led by Michele and her team, deepen your understanding of the movement practices, process your emotions, and nurture the mind-body connection through dance and guided meditation.

A Private Member Portal

All of the videos, audios, and course materials will be housed in a private member portal for easy access either on your computer or iPad. You can also download a mobile app to access all the material on your phone so that this information travels with you wherever you go. Inside this membership portal you’ll also find your bonus materials, onboarding videos, and even our weekly calls. It’s in one place for your convenience.

Direct Access to Michele and her team

We understand that making big changes takes courage and support. We have incorporated multiple ways for you to reach out to the group or Michele and her team, through posting in the activity feed, the group chat and individual chat, all housed within one portal. Be assured: Your concerns will be addressed.

Bonus Videos Module

The bonus module contains bite-sized tutorials and short stretching videos to supplement the content in each module. These bonus videos are excellent ways to reinforce knowledge, incorporate quick self care techniques throughout your life and are often visited by members long after they have completed the program. The bonus module of content continues to grow. We add to it as new opportunities present to create fresh, informative material.

Lifelong Access to Program

You have access to this robust program for as long as it exists, with upgraded content added regularly. Many members work through the program a second and third time and find something new each time. This is much more than a program. Together we are creating a movement. It’s important going in that you know you’re part of something bigger than your personal transformation.

Join Today for


or 3 monthly payments of $500


“When my plate was full, self care was the first thing off it. I started the FeminEnergy® program to create a habit to return some focus to ME. My posture has improved. My flexibility has improved. The strength of my core has Vastly improved! The most important thing – I have carved out an hour each day to nourish myself. I feel I am back on the path to healing and strengthening my body!”

Sherry B.

Highlights of the Curriculum

Lifelong Access to Program – Prep Module

  • Take inventory not only of your body and mind but of the physical and the emotional space you are opening for yourself.
  • Learn how to prioritize yourself.
  • Take the self assessment and enter this journey with an awareness of where you are now so you can position yourself to do the important work.
  • Prepare for transformation!

Module 1: The Feminine Alignment

Learn the foundational alignment that forms the basis of the program.

  • How your alignment affects the life force of the organs and functions of the pelvis.
  • How adopting the feminine alignment will help free you from a clenched pelvis and create more joy and overall sense of empowerment.
  • Feel-good mobility practices that free your pelvis and your whole body from what’s been holding you back.

Module 2: Open Your Heart

Why it’s so important to have an open heart, both structurally and emotionally.

  • Chest, shoulder and upper back mobility exercises that deepen the connection between your 2nd and 4th chakras.
  • Learn to feel how the breath and movement of the diaphragm works with your pelvic floor to support your body’s stability and posture.
  • One simple rib cage position that will make a huge difference in feeling stronger in your core.

Module 3: Nurturing Your Feminine Side

Gain a new perspective about being a woman and embrace all that femininity has to offer.

  • Realign your body in a way that supports your feminine form and allows your breath to work in concert with your core muscles.
  • Access and strengthen the core and pelvic floor together as a team more easily without doing “kegels.”
  • Learn to Identify when core exercises are not being done correctly and can lead to pelvic issues like urinary incontinence or prolapse.

Module 4: Dance For Joy

Get out of your head and into your body! Lose your inhibitions.

  • Let music flow through you and energize your senses through juicy dance and movement practices.
  • Become more embodied by exploring your turn ons and invite more pleasure to your daily life.
  • Awaken your true power as a woman through awareness and self exploration of your pleasure zone.

Module 5: Your Sensual Self

Deepen your body awareness by indulging all your senses.

  • Discover the pathway to embodied sensuality.
  • Free your pelvic restrictions through internal guided self-release of your pelvic muscles and fascia with your hand or a wand.
  • Become “bootylicious” by activating, strengthening and mobilizing one of the most important muscle groups of the entire body, the gluteals.

Module 6: Your Inner Truth

Honor your innate feminine wisdom and learn to speak your truth.

  • Movement practices focused on grounded footwork and balance.
  • Techniques that give dancers lean yet powerful bodies.
  • Look deeply into your soul and Identify the part of you that might be holding you back from meeting your inner wise-one.

Module 7: Love Your Body

Dig deep into loving your body as it is right now.

  • Integrated movement practices help you connect more deeply with your feminine side.
  • Gentle, whole body strengthening that incorporates all body parts from head to toe and inside out.
  • Transformative practices designed to rid yourself of shame and shift your mindset to a more positive self image.

Module 8: Sexual You

Learn how to nurture and invite intimacy with yourself, first and foremost.

  • Learn the surprising benefits sex provides to your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Awaken and connect with your sexual energy; balance and guide it in positive directions and become more confident with your sexual self.
  • Strengthen your muscles and open the hips to support and invigorate your feminine alignment.

Module 9: Nourishment

Learn how to feed your body and feed your soul at the same time.

  • Nourish yourself with whole body movement practices that focus on mind, body and spirit.
  • Go with the flow, evoke joy, and feed your wild feminine side.
  • Learn techniques to balance the autonomic nervous system, activate the vagus nerve and get into a state of “rest and digest.”

Module 10: Wrapping It Up

Completing the program and what comes next.

  • One final exercise video and one special video meditation that rounds out our movement practices and inspires you.
  • See how far you’ve come from the Prep Module with your reassessment and learn the best ways to integrate this work into your life to continue your growth.
  • Opportunity for a short 1:1 chat with Michele via Zoom to create a game plan for moving forward.

Bonus Module

27+ short video practices, stretches, and tutorials. Regular go-to solutions to relieve stress and restriction in your everyday life.

This library grows because we continually add more content.

The FeminEnergy® Program is for you if…

You’ve felt disconnected from your body, or haven’t felt the same since you had kids, a trauma, or surgeries like hysterectomy or C-section, and you’re ready to heal your relationship with your body.
You’re tired of bladder issues, painful sex, prolapse, or diastasis recti and you’re ready to learn effective tools that correct those issues once and for all.
You’re going through symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, or side effects of cancer treatment.
You’re ready to reignite your pelvic energy and take your libido out of retirement.
You want to access your core, pelvic muscles, sexuality, or sensuality, or you just want to feel more alive in your body.
You long to feel more connected with your femininity and deeply-present with your inner knowing and voice.
You long to feel desirable, sexy, and more confident as a woman.
You’re done with taking the back seat of your own life and instead, are now ready to prioritize yourself, and be upheld and seen in a community of other like-hearted women.

*Please note: The content of this holistic program is designed to accommodate the unique experiences that biological females who identify as women go through in their lifespan. For that reason, and at this time, it may not be a beneficial program for transgender women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites or requirements that I need to be aware of before signing up?

Yes, this is a physical program that incorporates movement into the curriculum. You need to be able to do exercises in varying positions: mat work on the floor, kneeling, in chairs and standing. We incorporate many styles of movement practices. If you have any severe physical limitations, you won’t get the most benefit from this program. I do offer modifications for people who have some restrictions but can still assume most of these positions. If you have any questions about your specific situation, email me or schedule a quick Zoom or discovery call with me.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements that I need to be aware of before signing up?

Yes, this is a physical program that incorporates movement into the curriculum. You need to be able to do exercises in varying positions: mat work on the floor, kneeling, in chairs and standing. We incorporate many styles of movement practices. If you have any severe physical limitations, you won’t get the most benefit from this program. I do offer modifications for people who have some restrictions but can still assume most of these positions. If you have any questions about your specific situation, email me or schedule a quick Zoom or discovery call with me.

Will this program replace the need for physical therapy?

Some people benefit and thrive solely by participating in the program. I designed it as an extension to my manual physical therapy work with patients, so for some people doing this program in conjunction with, or after physical therapy, would provide amazing results. For anyone requiring more extensive one-to-one treatment, this program is not a fit. Again, If you have any questions, shoot me an email or I’m happy to jump on a quick discovery call and help you figure it out.

Will I need any equipment?

While you could certainly do all of the movement practices without any equipment, or by substituting household items, I do recommend a few basic items—sticky mat, blocks, strap and bolster. Other helpful items include a yoga blanket and sandbags. We review specifics in the Prep Module.

One other item you may want to consider having is a vaginal wand. In one of the modules I teach you how to work internally on your pelvic muscles. This is especially helpful for those of you who have painful sex or bladder symptoms.

Do I need to have pelvic issues to benefit from FeminEnergy®?

NO, absolutely not! This program is chock full of amazing movement practices and information about your entire body. The goal is to reconnect with your whole self and celebrate your womanhood.

How long is the program and do I have to finish in a certain amount of time?

This program was designed to be completed one module per week in 11-12 weeks. However, everyone goes at their own pace. Remember: You have unlimited access to the material for as long the program exists. **Because each module builds upon the last, my advice is to do your best to stay on track consistently to experience the best results.

When are the weekly calls?

The weekly call times fluctuate, and are subject to change. Currently, they alternate every other week—Tuesdays at 5 PM and Fridays at 10 AM Mountain Time. Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll find specific call times on the Event Schedule in the program portal.

What happens when I finish the program?

Many of our participants repeat at least the movement practices again to reinforce what their bodies have learned. I teach you ways to utilize the information and exercises, and customize your own self-care practice to maintain your health. You will also have the opportunity for a 1:1 Zoom session with me to help you establish a plan-of-action moving forward.

The material is frequently updated as the program evolves, and you’ll always have access to those changes. In the future, there may be more advanced practices. Stay tuned!

Do you offer a guarantee?

In any transformational program, your results are determined by how much effort you invest in doing the work. We do everything possible to ensure that you get the best results possible by providing you with support and accountability. For this reason, it is not possible to guarantee results. Most of the women who have completed every lesson in every module and have shown up for the calls have experienced profound, long-lasting changes both physically and emotionally.

When can I start?

This program has an open enrollment, you can start any time!

Not sure whether The FeminEnergy® Program is right for you?

Let’s set up a quick call.

This program is an investment of time, money, and energy, so I want you to have all the information necessary to make this journey an amazing success. The robust FAQ section above addresses most questions, but if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to me.

The Divine Feminine beckons you to embody these Universal Truths

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are worthy of all you wish.
And you deserve even more than you can imagine.


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or 3 monthly payments of $500