The Program

Reclaim Your Body, Get Your Sex Life Back,
& Love Being A Woman!

Michele Forsberg PT, MS Shares:

​• How to feel connected with your body, your sensuality, and your true self.
​• How to go from feeling overwhelmed, weak and tired to feeling confident, energized and radiant.
​​• How freeing your body from physical and emotional pain leads to freeing the heart and ultimately deepens your connection to yourself and those you love.
• ​​How to celebrate your inner beauty and power and learn to LOVE being a woman.
​• How to feel sexy and ignite passion in your relationships.
​• Secrets you were never taught about how the female body is REALLY meant to work.

“I absolutely loved the FeminEnergy® program. It is such a positive and uplifting experience, I looked forward to spending time with such powerful women, learning about my body and how to care for it. By the time the class was over, I was in the habit of taking care of myself, and so the exercises and self-love continue to this day. I encourage every woman to take this class; uplifting, educational, and good for the soul and body. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity.”
-Rachael W

“Far beyond the physical benefit of the exercises, I really feel like the program helped me connect on a deeper level with my true self, and helped me discover what I really want to pursue – even in my professional/work life.
I was not expecting that!

But by opening up the connection to my pelvic area, particularly during this time when my body is literally creating something (a baby), it brought to the surface so many hopes and desires for how I want to contribute to society with my gifts… things that had been hidden and stifled prior to taking the Feminenergy® class.”
-Kristin M

“Amazing! This program taught me how to articulate my hips in a way that was Life Changing. This led me to have a much better experience with sex. I found I was in less pain from opening up my pelvic area. I found myself moving my hips more because it felt so good.”
-Jackie R

“This program was beneficial and fun in so many ways. Some of my parts just were not functioning, and had not for decades. In this class, I learned how to identify and access those parts. Specifically, I had no idea that my pelvic floor existed or that it is supposed to be part of every breath. This affected my bladder, among other organs and issues. And the group was so wonderful!! As we got to know each other, in the safe environment Michele created, we discovered that most of us had some problems with accessing critical muscle groups. I totally looked forward to our classes!”
-Bernice G

Happy Clients

Rachel’s Story

Improved strength both physical and emotional plus intimacy with her husband are some of Rachel’s big takeaways from her journey.

Kara’s Story

Before FeminEnergy® Kara wasn’t feeling great about herself and her body, in this video she tells us how she got her life back! Now, she’s strong, resilient, and feels more confident living her life as a busy working mom.