Reclaim Your Body, 
Get Your Sex Life Back, 
And Love Being A Woman
If you haven't been feeling very connected to your body for awhile because it's been a casualty of a physical event like childbirth, trauma, or surgery, you might also be feeling disconnected from your true self. If you're ready for that to change, you're in the right place.
FeminEnergy® is a transformational experience for those struggling with pelvic-related pain, dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, decreased libido, painful intercourse, increased stress, organ prolapse, and stifled creativity, to name a few.

The FeminEnergy® experience is beneficial for you whether or not you've had any pain or trauma. It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about their body, truly connect more with being feminine, feeling more joy, pleasure, sensuality and empowerment through movement and community. It’s also a great program for practitioners, body workers, and instructors who want to learn more about pelvic health and feminine empowerment.
Take the journey of ultimate self care and self devotion that we've all been yearning for. This is a progressive journey of discovery through movement, going inside, and embodying our FeminEnergy®. Our experience is enriched through sharing experiences and bonding with women week after week which deepens our connection to divine sisterhood and opens our hearts for more creativity and joy.

What you take away with you is invaluable knowledge about the way your body works, improved mobility, strength, posture, self care tools and a bond with a group of other women that may continue to warm your heart for years to come.

It's time for us to collectively nurture our feminine energy and raise each other's vibration to heal ourselves and the world!
It is my mission to help women find the joy and pleasure of inhabiting our bodies through education, movement, and deepening the connection with our true selves and our powerful sisterhood. 

Join us in our FREE private community for information and conversations about caring for our bodies, our minds, and our spirit.
I'm Michele Forsberg PT, MS, and I empower women by giving them the tools to free themselves from these issues by teaching them how to reconnect with their bodies in a way that stokes their inner fire and shows them how to feel real pleasure and ignite passion in their relationships with themselves and those they love.