About Us

About Michele Forsberg PT, MS

Michele specializes in working with women who struggle with various conditions involving pelvic and abdominal dysfunction, pain, and trauma. She revels in helping her patients get their lives back, reclaim their bodies and start enjoying life again.

She is highly sought out by local patients as well as out-of-state and international clients for her eclectic whole-body hands-on approach. She has been a licensed physical therapist for over 20 years and comes from a professional dance background where her love for movement and the body began.

Michele started Align PT, in Longmont, CO in 2012, after relocating from NYC where she owned her practice for 7 years prior. She is the founder of the FeminEnergy® Program for women’s empowerment and pelvic health education.

About FeminEnergy®

Through Michele’s work, and her own personal experience, she began to realize how common it is for women to let our pain and suffering go unnoticed, leading us to disengage from our bodies, from the natural beauty and power that resides within us. We tend to not discuss our issues, keeping them bottled up inside.

What Michele also realized is that many of us display a common postural pattern of physical and emotional holding in the pelvic muscles and organs, that when released can bring about more feelings of joy, empowerment, and self-confidence.

FeminEnergy® was created out of a desire to give women a more in-depth journey into the female body than is possible in one-to-one appointments.

It combines an intelligent progression of movement practices yoga, strength, dance, with pelvic education, and a deep dive into shifting the emotions and mindset that keep us playing it small. We magnify the healing nature of the program through connection and sisterhood with other women.